Booking Terms & Conditions
    1.1. Property Letting
    The property is let to you for the period stated in your booking confirmation. You agree to not sublet or assign the property or any part of it. Extensions are subject to availability and approval by CPM.
    1.2. Bookings
    1.2.1. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking, with the remaining balance charged 30 days prior to arrival.                                                                                                                          
    1.2.2. Bookings made within 30 days of arrival are charged in full.
    1.2.3. Unless expressively mentioned in the booking confirmation, the total amount does not include linen or towels; however, different linen packs are available amongst other upsells as additional non-refundable booking options from the guest area. All supplies and guest amenities provided by the properties on arrival  are starter packs, usually sufficient for a weekend; if guests are planning on staying longer, they must BYO.
    1.2.4. Failure to make payment in accordance with this schedule may result in cancellation of your booking and will be subject to the Cancellation & Refund Policy below. If you depart early you are obliged to make payments to fulfil your booking until we re-let the property for your booked dates.
    1.2.5. All booking payments must be made to the Copa Prop Mgmt Trust Account. CPM accepts no liability for international direct deposit transaction costs that may be charged by the banks, please refer to your banking institute should you require more information.
    1.2.6. Credit Cards are accepted and a non refundable booking fee of 3.3% incl. GST is applicable for all credit card payments.                                                                                                                                                                                1.2.7. Each booking requires a Guest Registration Form and government photo ID of each guest 16 years of age and above submitted within 24 hours from receipt of the booking confirmation. Failure to submit the documents within this time frame without contacting our office may result in the cancellation of the booking.
    1.3. Amendment, Cancellation & Refund Policy
    1.3.1. If you elect to make changes to your booking after the booking has been confirmed, we reserve the right to charge a $89 administration fee for every detail which you change. Amendments are subject to availability.                                                                                                                                                                                    1.3.2. Booking dates cannot be amended, a change of booking dates will be treated as as a cancellation of the booking.                                                                                                                                                                                      
    1.3.3. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended as it may protect you if you cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances.
    1.3.4. Cancellations at least 60 days before check in check-in: 50% rental cost plus 3.3% booking fee and $100 management fee.
    1.3.5. Cancellations less than 60 days before check-in: No refund.
    1.3.6. A special policy on cancellations for bookings associated with COVID-19 may apply.
    1.3.7. CPM will use best endeavours to re-let the property at the best rate to try and give you the maximum refund. CPM accepts no liability for your foreign exchange or transaction costs.
    1.3.8. The price of the booking is subject to change, if there is a change in price you will be notified and offered the opportunity to pay the increased tariff or get a full refund.
    1.3.9. All refunds are calculated in AUD. Refunds are reversed to the credit card or payee account provided  and may take up to seven days for approval plus additional time to appear on your statement depending on the banks.
    1.3.10. In the unlikely instance that a property is withdrawn by the Property Manager, CPM will endeavour to locate an alternative property of similar location and features, or offer a full refund at the time. If the guest selects one of the alternative properties, a new booking will be created and funds will be transferred to the new booking.
    2.1. The guest must comply with the Code of Conduct for STRA and any By-Laws that apply to the property, engage in good neighbourly behaviour, preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers (e.g. loud music, parking). Particularly noise should be kept to a minimum between 10pm and 8am. If a complaint is registered, our security service will arrive and issue a written warning, you will forfeit $500 of your bond immediately. This includes outside noise after 10pm. If the security service is called out twice you will be directed to vacate the premises immediately and forfeit your entire bond.
    2.2. The property shall not be used by more than the number of guests listed on your booking, either to visit or to stay, without written approval. Excess persons will be required to vacate the property. A pro rata charge may apply if appropriate bedding is available at the property at the Property Manager’s discretion. Failure to declare visitors on the property during your stay may result in additional charges or forfeiture of your bond. All properties have a strict no party and no functions policy unless prior expressly written approval is granted by the Property Manager. Functions, parties or after school celebrations held on the premises without written approval will incur a $1,000 fine.                                                                                                                                              2.3. The property has noise and security monitoring devices installed within legal guidelines. 
    3.1. A refundable Security Deposit (Bond) is mandatory on all properties two (2) days prior to check in and is a pre-authorisation held upon a credit card. The Bond amount may vary depending on the age range, number of guests and/or booking period and is designed to cover any additional costs incurred, including, but not limited to any breakages, damage or excess cleaning requirements, additional guests/visitors/pets not registered, unauthorised early check ins and/ or late check outs as well as call outs due to noise complaints. Return of the Bond is based on the CPM Booking Terms & Conditions and the inspection of the property after the stay.
    3.2. Should a claim on the Bond incur, CPM will conduct a courtesy emailed notification of the claim and will further deduct the claim incl. a processing fee of $89 from the initial Bond. If the claim is not at fault to the registered credit card holder, it is the registered credit card holder’s responsibility to retrieve funds from other parties involved. CPM will only charge the credit card in accordance with our terms and conditions and any applicable Australian Laws. All charges will be subject to a 3.3% booking fee.
    3.3. If no bond issues have occurred, the bond will be released within seven (7) business days after departure but depending on the banks may take longer to appear on the bank statement. Bonds cannot be in any circumstances released on the day of departure and are not available to be returned in cash.
    3.4. The guest may not move any furniture (min penalty fee $50) or remove any of the furniture or effects from the property and will be liable for any furniture or effects damaged or missing from the property. Kitchen items must not be re-arranged. A breach of this may incur a min. surcharge of $50 if our cleaning staff needs to re-organize cupboards and drawers.
    3.5. The cleaning fee payable to us includes the fee for a standard clean, however, if excessive cleaning is required over and above what is considered by CPM to be a standard clean, the guest will be charged at cost. Hazard Cleans, such as removing of bodily fluids, will be charged at $80/h. All kitchen items as well as the BBQ must be left in a clean condition and the dishwasher empty or a min penalty fee of $80 will apply. If the property has a spa bath installed, please ensure that it is left in an acceptable state of cleanliness. An extra charge of $50 will incur if extra cleaning is required.
    3.6. The guest must not smoke within the property or a deodorising fee of $250 will apply. Cigarette butts, dirty ashtrays or butts in the gardens or planters will incur a surcharge of $150.00.
    3.7.  The guest must not park on any lawns, costs for repair of lawns due to parking will be passed on to the guest.
    3.8.  Any excess rubbish that does not fit in the provided bins must be taken with you when you leave. If excess rubbish is left at the property or if wastes are not properly disposed of, you will be charged the tipping fee and the time to tip (min surcharge of $160.00).
    3.9. Pets are not permitted unless expressly agreed to in writing by CPM. Only approved pets and a maximum of two pets/house are allowed to stay on pet-friendly properties for an additional fee per pet per stay; payment of the pet fee will show on the invoice and/or updated booking confirmation and  is considered as written approval. Guests are forbidden from leaving their pets unattended at the property at any time.              If noise complaints are received, such as excessive barking, and the pet cannot be quieted, guests will be required to immediately remove the pet from the property at their own expense.                                                        If evidence of a pet is discovered without approval or at a non-pet friendly property you will be charged $350 penalty per pet plus our standard pet charge for the time of the stay. Pets need to be strictly kept outside.       If you have additional written office approval that expressively allows your pet inside, you are required to restrict it to the hard floor areas and we request that each pet is (a) groomed to avoid moulting and (b) is cleaned prior to entering the house to avoid marks to the property, (c) has had up to date worming/flea treatments/vaccinations, (d) has had nails trimmed to avoid scratches to the floors and furnishings,  and (e) does not jump up on beds/furniture or rugs (indoors or outdoors).
    We accept no responsibility for death of, loss of, injury or sickness to pets during the accommodation period – full and sole responsibility for the pet and its actions lie with the pet owner and upon acceptance of terms and conditions the guest agrees that no legal action (including payment of veterinary accounts) will be taken against us or the landlord and that no discussion will be entered into.                                                      Please be aware that some properties have not been designed to be pet friendly.
    The primary guest acknowledges and agrees that if any damage is caused by the pet(s) staying on the premises to the property that it is fully his/her responsibility to pay for any damages or cleaning that is necessary to bring the property back to its original condition upon entry. The primary guest agrees to have the carpet professionally cleaned or to have the premises fumigated if the cleaning or fumigation is required because animals have been kept on the premises during the tenancy.                                                                        Pet Friendly properties require all pet faeces, bones & bowls cleaned up and removed.
    3.10. The guests must every time they depart the property, securely lock doors and windows and switch off lighting, appliances and water to conserve resources and avoid damage. The guest must also secure all outside areas and especially not leave umbrellas, awnings etc. open or unattended in windy conditions.
    3.11. The guest will be responsible for damage to the property or premises or loss of or damage to any items at the property. All damage, breakages and losses are to be reported to CPM immediately.
    3.12.  Use of the property for any criminal activity is strictly prohibited and may result in fines or prosecutions. This prohibition extends to the use of the property’s internet service for criminal activity. CPM will cooperate with any investigation of alleged criminal activity at the property during the stay.
    4.1. The pools/spas on properties of holiday lettings managed by CPM are all private and not public pools/spas. Access to pools/spas is strictly limited to guests and by CPM office staff approved visitors staying during the booked period and as agreed to on the CPM Guest Registration Form.
    4.2. Pool/Spa hours are strictly from 08:00 to 22:00
    4.3. During pool/spa hours all noise is to be kept to a minimum at all times. It is not allowed to bounce any balls against the walls, ceilings or glass in pool/spa areas.
    4.4. Before and after the use of the pool/spa you are required to take a shower.
    4.5. As no Lifeguard is on duty, access to the pool/spa area has to be kept locked at all times and is only to be unlocked by a person 18 years or older.
    4.6. Parents and guardians have to actively supervise their children at all times in the pool/spa area. For 0 to 5-year-olds and non-swimmers, a person 18 years or older needs to be within arms’ reach of the child. Children 6 to 11 years are not allowed to access the pool/spa area unless under active supervision of a person 18 years or older. For 12 to 17-year-olds it is recommended that parents/guardians regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are around the water.
    4.7. The following is not permitted in the pool/spa area: pets, glass or breakable containers, running or horseplay.
    4.8.  Due to health and safety concerns, the following is not permitted in the pool/spa: use of pool/spa on one’s own, diving into the pool/spa, submerging the head, swallowing pool/spa water, food or drinks, pool/spa dye.
    4.9. The maximum spa capacity is to be kept within the advised bathing load on the spa/in the spa user manual, the maximum spa water temperature permitted is 37 Degree Celsius and the maxi mum use of the spa is 15 min at a time. Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems, narcotics or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use the spa without first contacting a doctor.
    4.10. All pools/spas are regularly serviced by professional pool/spa technicians. During the service, the pools/spa will be cleaned, pool/spa water digitally tested and balanced and pool/spa equipment incl timers checked. Guest and visitors are not permitted to tamper with any of the pool/spa equipment or add additional chemicals into the pool/spa water.
    4.11. If you experience issues with the pool/spa, please submit the “Maintenance Request & Damage Report” form on our website
    4.12.  Costs of emptying, cleaning and refilling the pool/spa due to not complying with these rules will be charged from your bond.
    5.1. Access of a lake area/jetty and the use of kayaks and all associated equipment (the equipment) is subject to these terms and conditions.
    5.2. The water quality is monitored by Gosford City Council. It is your responsibility to check on the Gosford City Council website  if a lake is safe to swim. Swimming in lakes as well as all other water activities are at your own risk.
    5.3. Gates to access to lake areas/jetty have to be kept locked at all times and are only to be unlocked by a person 18 years or older.
    5.4. Parents and guardians have to actively supervise their children at all times in lake areas behind gates. For 0 to 5-year-olds and non-swimmers, a person 18 years or older needs to be within arms’ reach of the child. Children 6 to 13 years are not allowed to access the lake area behind the gate unless under active supervision of a person 18 years or older. For 14 to 17-year-olds it is recommended that parents regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are around the water.
    5.5. Life jackets have to be worn at all times when using the equipment. Children 14 years or younger need to be actively supervised by a person 18 years or older when using the equipment. For 15- to 17-year-olds it is recommended that parents regularly check on their child by physically going to where they are when using the equipment.
    5.6. You agree that you have inspected the equipment and consider it to be in good condition for your use.
    5.7. You warrant that you understand how to safely use the equipment and will not avoid liability for damage on the grounds of not being familiar with operational and safety procedures.
    5.8. You agree to repair or replace, or pay for repair or replacement of any loss or damage occurring to any kayak or equipment used during your stay and whilst the equipment remains in your possession or control. Damage or loss does not include reasonable wear and tear.
    5.9. You use kayaks and all equipment at your own risk. You release the owners and Copacabana Property Management (CPM) from all actions or demands due to any loss, damage, injury or deal occurring as a result of or in association with your use.
    5.10. The owners and CPM are not responsible and have no liability for any injury or death to any person or any loss or damage to your property arising out of or associated with your use.
    5.11. You acknowledge that the owners and CPM do not hold public indemnity insurance applicable to your use of the equipment.
    5.12. You agree to indemnify the owners and CPM against all actions or demands due to the use the equipment.
    5.13. You agree to let the owners and/or CPM know of any intended use of the equipment that may be considered to be outside of the standard use of the equipment.
    5.14. You agree not to re-lend or re-hire any equipment without the express written permission of the owners and/or CPM.
    5.15. You agree to return all equipment in the same condition it was received by you, on or before the end of your period of stay. You agree to call the owners and/or CPM to advise if you will have any trouble returning equipment before the end of your stay.
    6.1. The Property Manager has the right to inspect the property during the booking period subject to reasonable prior notice being given unless the Property Manager has reasonable grounds to believe that the property is being damaged or at risk or if the guest breaches any term of this agreement.
    7.1. Lost Property items are kept for 7 days, then disposed of. If you require items to be mailed to you, they will be mailed at your expense; additionally, a $55 service charge will apply. Alternatively, you can pick up left behind items within one week from departure charge-free.
    8.1. CPM and/or the owner do not accept liability for any personal loss or injury to the guest(s) and/or pet(s) during the rental period, including that caused by events beyond our control and no refund or credit will be offered under these circumstances. Please ensure you have taken out appropriate insurance coverage as required.
    8.2. Property Managers will endeavour to describe the property and its position to the best of their ability and in good faith. No liability or damages will be accepted by CPM and/or the property owner for miss-description. CPM and/or the owner do not accept liability or loss caused by failure of equipment and/or services out of our control, including, but not limited to, water, electricity, gas and internet or WIFI. In the event of a failure, the guest should notify our office in the first instance. Any problems that arise during the rental period that do not constitute an emergency as determined by CPM, will be remedied at any time during or after the rental period, at the sole discretion of CPM.                                                                                                        8.3. All our properties are maintained and cleaned regularly, however, wildlife is common in country and coastal areas. CPM and/or the owner do not accept liability for the unfortunate or seasonal visits of any wildlife including, but not limited to: possums, insects, cockroaches, snakes and spiders.
    9.1. Presuming that the full accommodation costs have been paid as well as the filled out and signed guest registration form and Photo IDs for all guests 16 years and above have been received and the pre-authorisation was successful, the guest will be released all access details on the day of check in and can check in any time from 3:00pm on the arrival day. We will endeavour to have the property ready, however, circumstances may sometimes cause delays and we cannot guarantee that a property will be ready at the check in time. There will be no refund or credit if a property is not ready at the said time.
    9.2.  Check ins on a Sunday incur a cleaning and management fee of x 1.5, on a Public Holiday x 2.5 and bookings of 14 or more days double the cleaning and management fee and include a mid-stay clean.
    9.3.  We may be able to offer an early check in or late check out – this will attract a charge. Paying however, does not guarantee that this agreement can be honoured. If we are unable to honour early check in or late check out due to a back -to-back booking or unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of the extra fees charged will be provided.
    9.4. Unauthorised early check in or late check out will be charged at a minimum of $120 per hour or parts of this.
    9.5. If you encounter an issue, you are required to contact our office immediately in writing along with photographs to substantiate so that we can attempt to fix it. We will not offer any compensation unless we have been afforded the opportunity to solve a problem.
    9.6. A call out fee of $100.00 will apply if a staff member is required to bring spare keys, after hours or public holiday charges may apply.
    9.7. Guests are responsible for keys (including access devices) and loss of keys and key/lock replacement costs will be passed on to the guest. Any lost key will require a locksmith to re-key the lock(s) or change the lock(s).
    10.1. CPM may refuse at its discretion to accept any guest. Furthermore, CPM or its Property Managers may require that other Special Conditions are agreed to before or on arrival of the guest, this especially applies for young groups with the majority of guests staying under 25 years of age or groups consisting of male or female guests only.
    10.2. By signing the CPM guest registration form you agree to having read and understood the Booking Terms & Conditions of CPM Holiday Letting and by execution of the Guest Registration form you agree to be bound by them and be responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions by other occupants of premises. You furthermore agree that if you or any occupant covered by the booking breaches our terms and conditions, your name, phone number, home address and email address as well as details of the breach/s may be registered with any organization offering an exclusion (“Bad Books”) register for holiday rental travellers. Traveller feedback may also be entered accordingly onto the applicable online portals. CPM reserve the right to refuse or cancel a booking where a guest is registered on an exclusion register or has received negative feedback from other booking sites.
    When any guests enter the property, they shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these conditions.
    11.1. All Nanny Services require a separate contract and separate Terms and Conditions.
    12.1. CPM will not share your personal information with any third party, unless we are ordered by State or Federal Authorities to do so or it is required to complete your booking, provide services to you or settle your account . All personal information supplied will be destroyed post completion of tenancy and refund of deposit and/or as per record-keeping requirements NSW Code of Conduct for Short Term Rental Industry.
    12.2. You acknowledge that CPM carries on business within New South Wales and this Agreement shall be governed by the law of New South Wales.
    12.3. Any notice or communication must be in writing and delivered to CPM during business hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10am to 12pm.
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