Cleaning, Linen/ Towels & Guest Supplies
Residential House/Apartment cleaning
We take pride in providing the most reliable cleaning services to match your requirements. Prices depend on number and size of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living areas as well as the kind of clean you require. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer four different services ranging from essentials only to a highly detailed clean.
Move In – Move Out Cleaning
Our experts offer unparalleled services for both residential and commercial spaces. With considerable experience in delivering excellence, we are renowned among customers for vacate/bond/end of lease cleaning services.
Our highly experienced cleaners carry a real estate agency-approved cleaning checklist to ensure you will win your bond money without any dispute as we utilise top-rated cleaning products and proven techniques to present your property at the highest standard, ready for the inspection.
Holiday Letting Linen/Towels Hire & Guest Supplies
Each linen pack contains hotel-style sheet sets and pillow slips for the beds, bath towels for the guests as well as bath mats, hand towels and face washers for the bath rooms. These packs are available as Bronze, Silver and Gold Linen packs starting from $15/guest.
We can also provide an extensive collection of guest amenities and supplies including shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper and kitchen conveniences; an in-house laundry service is also available.
Holiday Letting Cleaning

At CPM, we offer a variety of different Holiday Accommodation cleaning services. From one-bedroom cabins to Beach Front Mansions, we have the staff and experience to get the job done right.
If you are tired of poor cleanliness reviews, contact us to see how we can tailor a cleaning package to meet your needs. Our holiday letting cleans are designed to ensure that first impressions count – we believe it’s the little things that make a world of difference to each guest’s stay.

We take the time to develop an understanding of your individual requirements, giving you the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that your holiday home is cleaned and maintained to a superior standard.

We also offer mid-stay cleans which can be booked for any extended guest stays and liaise with your guests to arrange a convenient day and time.

Our cleaners are also a great source of feedback about the state of your property after guests have stayed and we can provide a brief email report following each service.

Our cleaning prices are calculated on the number and size of rooms.

Office Cleaning
An office is an important asset for every kind of business. Whether you are looking for a very basic or highly detailed clean – we tailor a specific cleaning package to meet your needs.
There are three factors for the price we charge for an office clean – size, condition as well as when you would like us to clean. In general, smaller and/or well-maintained offices will cost less to service.
If you require our services during our working hours (Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM) the cost won’t increase. However, if you require cleaning services after work hours, the office cleaning prices will increase.
Window Cleaning
Depending on your needs and budget, we offer different window cleaning services. Costs of our window cleaning services are calculated on a ‘per pane’ basis. A window is typically made up of more than one pane.
A “pane of glass” is a piece of glass surrounded by a frame on all sides and includes both the exterior and interior panes of the glass. Prices depend on what you instruct to have cleaned (panes, frames, fly screens, window tracks) as well as the size of pane/frame, size of fly screen, length of window tracks. Paint or stain removal will be charged additional per pane.

Air-conditioning Cleaning

We work with a professional air-conditioning cleaning kit which is designed to allow us to clean ductless split air conditioner fan coil units without the hassle and danger of dismantling the unit. The secret is in the cleaning solution which is a ‘super-detergent’ and effectively washes away all traces of bio film without damaging the air conditioning unit, which is particularly effective in dislodging and dissolving bio-slime which is a “jelly substance” that tends to build up on your air conditioner cooling coils; this kit is specifically designed to be safe for the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils.
Mould Treatment
We are not specialised in mould removal, but we have experience in removing light to moderate mould from ceilings, walls, doors, windows and frames, silicone and grout or curtains and blinds.
The location and severity of the growth will impact the total cost.
Please note our professional mould removal products are only suitable for use on walls and ceilings which are not textured and on colours which need to be either white or colourfast – some mould may have already caused permanent staining which we cannot remove.

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