Code of Conduct

Since 18th December 2020 the mandatory Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation Industry has come into force which includes standards to be followed by hosts, guests, letting agents and online booking platform operators.

What are the key points?
How does the code affect guests?
How does the code affect hosts?
How does the code affect booking platforms and letting agents?
How do you make a complaint for a breach of the code?
You will be able to make a complaint with Fair Trading from 18 December 2020 if you believe that the code has been breached. In some situations, the Commissioner may request that the complaint first be made to another body, if this is appropriate, such as the police or local council.
The code does not change existing complaint handling processes for NSW Police and local councils. Contact your local council if you have an issue or complaint relating to fire safety (including overcrowding), planning approvals, parking or ongoing noise. You can contact the police for urgent noise issues.
What are potential penalties for breaching the code?
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