CPM Client Onboarding Form
CPM Client Onboarding Form

Exclusive Management Agreement

Property Owner 1 (please provide your ID and proof of ownership)
Property Owner 1 (please provide your ID and proof of ownership)
Are there any additional property owners?
Property Owner 2 (please provide your ID and proof of ownership)
Property Owner 2 (please provide your ID and proof of ownership)
Is the Management Agreement additionally in a Business Name?
Is the Business GST registered?
Is a solicitor/conveyancer on the Management Agreement?
Solicitor Name
Solicitor Name
Account Holder Name
Account Holder Name
Is the bank account a joint account?
Second Account Holder Name
Second Account Holder Name
The date the Exclusive Management Agreement is effective from is the date CPM can legally act on your behalf and enter the property, it's not the date your STRA goes live and not the date of the first booking. The Exclusive Management Agreement shall be effective from:

STRA (Short Term Rental Accommodation) Details

What accommodation type is your STRA?
Strata buildings can enact by-laws to prohibit STRA in a building where the dwelling is not a principal place of residence. This means that if you want to undertake non-hosted STRA in a strata building you must first check that there are no bylaws which prohibit STRA. If your dwelling in a strata building is also your principal place of residence, then you can undertake STRA under the policy without reference to possible strata by-laws. However, as a host you must still comply with all requirements of the policy such as fire safety standard and registration on the STRA Register. Is the above dwelling part of strata?
Contact Name Strata Management
Contact Name Strata Management
Do you have development approval for your STRA?
Has your property got a pool?
Is your pool registered with council?
Have you got a compliance certificate for the pool? (please provide copy of the registration certificate)
Has your property got a spa pool?
Is your spa pool registered with council?
Have you got a compliance certificate for the spa pool? (please provide copy of compliance certificate)
Is an electrical safety power switch installed for general purpose socket outlets?

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 4

Bathroom 5

Bathroom 6

The laundry is a
Does your STRA have any other rooms (game room, movie theatre)?
Is your STRA pet-friendly?
Has your STRA got an alarm?
Do you have a contactable security company?
Do you have a key safe installed on the premises?
Parking Availibility
Does your STRA have air-con?
Does your STRA have ceiling fans?
Does your STRA have fly screens?
Has your STRA had a pest treatment?
Do you have 90kg gas bottles onsite (for example for gas cooking)?
How many household waste bins (red lid) are onsite?
Size Red Bin 1
Size Red Bin 2
How many recycling bins (yellow lid) are onsite?
Size Yellow Bin 1
Size Yellow Bin 2
How many green waste bins (green lid) are onsite?
Size Green Bin 1
Size Green Lid 2
Are there any special conditions for your property (unusual access, wheelchair accessible)??
Is a locked cleaner cupboard onsite?
Have you already got professional photos taken showing your property furnished exactly as it is?
Is there anything you would like to let us know about your property (building issues, planned renovations, obvious property damage on walls, floors, tiles etc. )?

Services & Authorities by CPM

Which CPM property services would you like to have provided?
Would you like to sign up for a monthly Low Maintenance Flat Rate covering unlimited call outs incl. labour excl. material for change of light bulbs/batteries; tightening of wall mounts such as toilet paper roll holders, towel railings, toilet seats; door roller/hinge maintenance, re-positioning of fly screens, gas bottle SWAP ‘n’ GO?
Would you like an inventory content report to be carried out?
Would you like free of charge signage on the property advertising the holiday letting of the property by CPM?
At CPM we have a team of reliable tradespeople on the books we have been working with for years. Please advise if you are happy for us to contact them in the event that any maintenance issues arise?
Do you authorise CPM to approve repairs and maintenance to the Property to the Maximum Pre-approved Maintenance Expenditure not greater than an amount advised by you?
Would you like to authorise CPM to pay insurance, rates, utilities from your rental income?
What do you authorise CPM to pay?
Do you authorise an amount to be retained by the CPM when accounting to you to cover contingent liabilities likely to arise during the ensuing statement period?

STRA Registration

Is your property STRA registered already?
Do you have public liability insurance for your STRA?
Does your STRA have a smoke alarm compliance certificate?
Have you got a Fire Evacuation Diagram for each bed room and the entry area?
Have you got an up-to-date floorplan?
Are there a fire extinguisher and fire blanket onsite?
Is your Hosting Type “hosted STRA” or “non-hosted STRA”?

Information Guest Area

All guests have access to their personal guest portal, one of the most popular elements of the CPM guest service which goes a long way to ensuring our guests enjoy their stay. Our guest portal provides the guests’ booking details, photos of the property, the location of the property along with useful information for the guest’s stay, including local and emergency phone numbers, user manuals, information on local public transport and house rules. Is there anything specific you would like guest to do on your property during their stay (for example water a pot plant when needed)?
Is there anything specific you would like guests NOT to do on your property during their stay (for example not to walk on wooden floors with high heels)?
Are there any “interesting extras” guest may use (for example bikes, kayaks, games)?
Are any of the TVs onsite smart TVs?
Do you provide Foxtel or any other pay TV free of charge?
Is there anything else you would like us to mention about your STRA in the guest area?


We suggest to set the minimum nights for long weekends to 3. Do you agree?
We suggest to set the min. nights for Easter to 4. Do you agree?
We suggest to set the minimum nights during summer holidays between 4 and 7. Do you agree?
We suggest to set the minimum nights of remaining periods of the year to 2. Do you agree?

Upcoming Bookings

Your property will go live shorty and be available to book. Are there any specific dates you would like to block the calendar before we start advertising?


Is there anything else you would like us to let know or would like to discuss with a property manager?

CPM Commissions & Fees (excl. GST)

We charge 12% commission on each booking, a monthly $70 Administration Fee incl. Marketing, Guest & Owner Portal, Smart Pricing & Property Noise/Occupancy/Video Monitoring within legal guidelines, a monthly $25 fee for Guest Supplies/Amenities, an annually $25 STRA Registration Renewal Fee and an annually $129 Smoke Alarm Plus Compliance Fee; optional available is a monthly $25 Low Maintenance Flat Rate covering unlimited call outs incl. labour for: change of light bulbs/batteries; tightening of wall mounts (such as toilet paper roll holders, towel railings, toilet seats; door roller/hinge); re-positioning of flyscreens and SWAP ‘n’ GO of gas bottles – all services are plus material. The Management Agreement will also state a one-off onboarding fee calculated on information provided on the onboarding form in combination with our visit onsite. Our detailed onboarding pack can be found on page 10 of the Management Agreement; additional instructions and requirements for houses under our management will be outlined on page 6 under clause Q. We are happy to provide and co-ordinate regular services, (pest treatments, spring and window cleans etc) required for you or provide quotes for your approval. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to choose your own contractors or even do it yourself of course. In summary, to ensure our properties are always maintained to the highest standard, it is company policy THAT certain things need to be done for properties under our management but not HOW these are done. Please also note, as our client you will not have to pay any upfront costs to get the ball rolling with the management of your property as these costs will be deducted from your rental income.


Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Which attachments are you providing?

What happens after you have submitted the CPM Client On Boarding Form?

If you would like an additional chat so we can address all your questions or concerns before emailing the Management Contract, please schedule a meeting by using the following link https://copacabanapropertymanagement.com.au/contact-us/.


Otherwise, we will prepare the Exclusive Management Agreement and email it to you for your perusal and signature.
Once we have received the signed Agreement from you, we will return it to you with our signature for your records together with our “Owner Survival Guide” with detail information collected over years to help maximise your holiday home’s letting potential. In the event your property hasn’t been registered as a STRA yet, you will also be emailed the pre-filled STRA Registration Consent Form for your signature.


The signed Agreement will legally allow CPM staff to enter your property for photos, do the initial inspection and a holiday home risk assessment as well as act on your behalf; in combination with the STRA Rego we can start advertising your property.


We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that we offer, but we also realise that there is always room for improvement. We are open for suggestions and constructive criticism and happy to go the extra mile for all our homeowners and their guests.


Our team at CPM is looking forward to servicing you; please get the ball rolling by submitting the onboarding form.

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