Frequently Asked Questions

Check in is from 15.00 unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to check in.

No, cars must be parked in garages, under carports, on driveways or on the road; costs for repair of lawns due to parking will be passed on to you. Please, never cause a parking congestion.

No, CPM houses provide mattresses and pillows with protectors as well as covered duvets.

For your convenience 3 different Linen Packs (all including flat sheets & pillow slips/bed; bath towels/guest; face washers, bath mats & handtowels/bathroom) can be purchased.

  • Bronze ($15/guest): only drop off and pick up of linen bags
  • Silver ($25/guest): beds made up on arrival
  • Gold ($30/guest): Silver plus Guest Pack (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel/cap, body lotion, dental kit)

Only as many as agreed to on the Guest Registration Form; you cannot have any extra guests unless approved in writing prior to arrival by our office.

No, unless visitors have been applied for and been approved in writing prior to arrival by our office.

No, all CPM properties have a strict no party, no function, no large gathering or after school celebrations policy.

Yes! You must comply with the Code of Conduct and the By-Laws that apply to the property, engage in good neighbourly behaviour, preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers (e.g. loud music, parking). Particularly noise should be kept to a minimum between 10pm and 8am.

If a complaint is registered, our security service will arrive and issue a written warning, you will forfeit parts of your bond immediately. This includes outside noise after 10pm. If the security company is called out a second time you will be directed to vacate the premises immediately and forfeit your entire bond.

Pets are only allowed at pet-friendly properties and only if  approved in writing prior to arrival by our office.

Pets need to be strictly kept outside unless you have additional written approval that allows your pet inside prior to arrival.

The refundable Security Deposit (Bond) is used to cover any damage, excess cleaning, missing items or excess utilities caused by the guest as well as breache/s of any rules in regards to residential amenity & good neighbourly behaviour, number of guests and/or additional visitors allowed. The bond amount is required two days prior to check in and may vary depending on the property, age range/number of guests or booking period.

Your bond refund will be processed after we have received the out-going inspection report which usually is within two days after your check out.

For credit card payments we will authorise the refund, depending on the banks it may take a few more to make it visible on your statement again.

If you have chosen direct deposit, please ensure you have nominated a bank account for the refund to avoid any delays.

You will be notified in writing about the issue/s along with photos to substantiate and cost for cleaning/repairing/replacing and given 24 hours to respond.

We understand that accidents can happen. It is in everyone’s interest to resolve these issues as soon as possible and we really appreciate your cooperation.
An easy way to report any damages is by submitting the “Maintenance Request & Damage Report” on our website.

Please also submit the “Maintenance Request & Damage Report” on our website.

No, you are not allowed to move any furniture and please also replace all other items (such as decorative items) you may have moved during your stay back to their original spots before you are vacating.

You must not smoke within the property or a deodorising fee of $250 will apply. Cigarette butts, dirty ashtrays or butts in the gardens or planters will incur a surcharge of $150.00.

Please call our office for assistance; a call out fee of $100.00 will apply if a staff member is required to bring spare keys, after hours or public holiday charges may apply.

Yes! Number of guests in the pool/spa may vary from CPM property to CPM property as well as pool/spa hours.

Check out is strictly 10.00 unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to check out.

Yes, please leave the property in a tidy condition similar to what it was found on arrival.
Pet-friendly properties – please remove/clean up all dog faeces, bones & bowels.

Yes, all rubbish needs to be taken out. Please do not leave excess garbage beside the bins as it will not be collected by contractors and you will be charged for its removal at cost. Please also use all bins correctly as otherwise they will not be emptied by contractors and you will be charged for the garbage removal at cost.

Yes, please leave the BBQ in a clean condition as otherwise you may be charged.

No, a general clean is included in the accommodation cost, however you will be charged for any additional cleaning time needed due to for example, dirty dishes, excessive sand/dirt or hazard cleans, such as bodily fluids.

Please return the spare key (if A/V) to the hook next to the “Check List for Check Out” where found on arrival and the single key from the key safe back into the key safe.
Please ensure the house is left secured with all appliances turned off and all windows and doors locked.

If you had hired the Bronze Linen Packs, please take all hired white linen off the beds and also collect all white hired bath towels, face washers, hand towels and bath mats and leave them in the entry area in the bags the linen/towels were supplied in.
Only take off the beds the sheets/pillow slips which you received in the linen bags and do not place duvet cover sets, mattress protectors etc. in the linen bags as these belong to the property itself and are washed separately.
If you had hired Silver or Gold linen packs, you do not have to do anything.

Please notify our office to your earliest convenience in writing. Lost Property items are kept for 7 days, then disposed of. If you require items to be mailed to you, they will be mailed C.O.D. at your expense, alternatively a pick up from Copacabana can be arranged.  A $55 charge applies for the each processing of lost property

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