Home & Garden Maintenance
We are experts in the fields of lawn & garden maintenance. Once we understand your needs, expectations and the scope of work, we can tailor a maintenance package to positively enhance your garden.
Garden clean-ups can be scheduled as one-off jobs, weekly, fortnightly and so on. It is best to schedule us in advance throughout the year so your garden is always looking pristine to enjoy.
The quote you receive will depend on the type of gardening service needed. Other things to keep in mind to improve accuracy of quotes is the condition of your garden, the types of plants in your garden and the size of the space.
The price of professional weed control depends on the size of the area, the extent of the weed problem and your geographic location with anywhere from six to nine visits recommended
per year.
To assist plants and hedges maintaining their shape, regular maintenance is required to prune and trim hedges, trees, shrubs and bushes. This service also removes diseased, dying or dead parts of a plant or tree to promote further growth. How often you’ll need to prune will depend on the type of plant you’re dealing with – it could range anywhere from one to three times a year – usually in the warmer months of spring and summer.
Pressure Cleaning
No job is too big or small!
We offer a range of external cleaning solutions, from a soft wash building clean to a pressure cleaned driveway we have the tools, experience and know how to get the job done.
Bin Service
For enquiries regarding our bin service, please see our bin placement form here.
Rubbish Removal
Professional and friendly, our waste disposal service is fast, clean, and stress-free for our valued clients. We load and remove all of your rubbish– including household, office, commercial waste, builders’ waste, green waste and recycling.
Please note we do not remove hazardous substances.
Gutter Cleaning
Your roof gutters are a vital part of the strength of your home, so it’s important to have them professionally cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home because any overflow results in weakened external or internal structures, and will lead to the long-term degradation of your gutters. Once your gutters have been rusted out from the built-up moisture in the leaves, your gutters will require replacement. Leaves and debris are also a dangerous fire hazard because they can ignite easily off a single ember. We can complete most aspects of gutter cleaning, be that a one-off clean, or regular service that ensures that leaves are removed and drains and gutters are not blocked before storm season.
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