Noise Complaint Form
If this is an emergency or the noise you are hearing relates to any type of domestic or other violence or a party that is getting out of control, please contact Triple Zero 000 immediately.
Noise Complaint Form

Type of Noise

Noise Complaint Details

Please be advised if the noise is already turned down when the security company attend, they may not
deem it to be excessive and you will be billed for their call out.
Have you already tried to raise the issue with the people causing the noise directly?
Is the noise happening now?
Have you previously submitted an online noise complaint or called police within 24 hours regarding the current excessive noise?

Noise Location Details

Noise Complaint Information

What time did the noise start?
Do you believe that persons/s at the location are affected by alcohol and/or drugs?
Is there anything else we should know about access to the address or possible risks to company staff?
There are:
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Covid-19 Disclaimer

To ensure all safety measures are taken it is important to provide information relation to COVID-19.

Has any person at the location been diagnosed with COVID-19?
Has any person at the location self-isolating or in quarantine due to COVID-19?
Does any person at the location have flu like symptoms?

Your Personal Information


Please be advised by selecting the SUBMIT button the noise complaint online form will be sent to our
security company for processing.
Your noise complaint will be prioritised subject to other known incidents in the area.
Multiple submissions of this form will not change the prioritisation of the complaint.
If this situation becomes urgent, please ring Triple Zero, 000 immediately.

I have undertaken at least one reasonable approach to resolve the noise issue with the person/s causing it directly without any success.
I have justified reasons for not attempting to resolve the noise issue with the person/s causing it directly
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