Noise Complaint

At CPM we understand that neighbourhood noise can be very annoying; we respect the residential neighbourhood of our holiday lettings and also ask our tenants (your temporary neighbours) to do so.


Noise complaints are taken seriously. To ensure your complaint can be followed up professionally and as soon as possible, certain information need to be provided by submitting our Noise Complaint Form.


If you would like CPM to look into your noise complaint you need to submit this form; noise complaints via emails, phone calls or text messages to the managing agency or property manager or to the owner/s of the property will not be investigated.


What is noise?

If a source of noise is a problem for you, there are things you can do:


1. Talk amicably to noisy neighbours

Often people do not realise how loud they are (especially when they are on holiday) and are happy to turn down or stop the noise. It’s always best to find a solution to the problem directly and keep on speaking terms.

Think about the best way to raise the issue with them. Be constructive and suggest ways to solve the problem, rather than just complaining, blaming them or demanding they keep the noise down.

It’s often best to talk to them face to face first; however, as neighbourhood problems can be very upsetting and generate a lot of emotion, when talking to them, please:

  • stay calm
  • do not use offensive or abusive language
  • explain how the problem is affecting you
  • give your neighbour a chance to tell their side of the story
  • be prepared to listen and let the other person know you are listening
  • try working on a resolution together
  • take time to work on a solution and get it right.

Walk away if you are confronted with aggressive & abusive behaviour or language.   


2. Contact Triple Zero 000

Call Triple Zero 000 if the noise you are hearing is:

  • An urgent disturbance
  • A party getting out of control
  • Caused by anyone seriously injured or in immediate danger

3. Use our Noise Complaint Form to report excessive noise that is happening now and when you know where the noise is coming from.

Note: A noise complaint is usually valid if the noise is unreasonable and is being made during restricted hours

  • after you have asked the person/s causing the noise to keep the noise down and they have declined to take steps to limit the noise; or
  • you have justified reasons not to approach the person/s causing the noise and ask them to keep the noise down.

A justified reason not to attempt to talk to person/s causing the noise would be for example if the person/s were highly intoxicated, aggressive or violent or if the noise occurred at a time you cannot be expected to talk to them such as very late at night.

What you need

  • Details about the noise
  • Details about the location the noise is originating from
  • Your personal details; please be advised that anonymous complaints will not be followed up.

When you submit

  • You will receive an online reference number to confirm the form has been submitted.
  • You will have to be contactable on the contact number provided so the security company can confirm with you that the submission is not a hoax and they may also want to ask you additional questions to determine from their professional experience whether your noise complaint is valid and requires a call out which will incur a cost.

Please note:  If the call out is justified, the person/s causing the noise will have to pay for the call out.  If the call out was not justified, you will be billed for the call out of the security company.

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