About Us

Founded in 2014 our family-run business is meanwhile established on many parts of the Central Coast and has become quite unique as we combine all aspects of property management under one roof.


We started addressing all cleaning and home & garden maintenance needs for residential homes and later on included offices. On our journey we discovered our passion for holiday lettings and meanwhile we are specialised in short term rentals.


No matter if you are a host and have a one-bedroom cabin or a beach front mansion with guests checking in and out on a tight schedule or simply a holiday home used by family and friends, we can organise the cleaning, supply linen & towels as well as guest supplies & amenities. Our in-house laundry service can also pick up property belongings, such as duvet covers or throw blankets, wash them and return them quickly to the property; if requested even ironed.


As a licensed real estate agency, we also offer the complete management pack starting from furnishing your property (should you require help with this), taking professional photos, advertising your holiday home on different websites and liaising with all guest booking inquiries to ensure that we find the most suitable guests for your property.


We are prepared to go the extra mile and offer a variety of services specifically for our guests to make their holiday a long-lasting memory; many of them are returning guests year for year. In the meantime, a few have purchased their own homes on the Central Coast and we feel very privileged that we were asked to manage their houses for them.


We strive to provide assistance to home-owners around property management in any way possible and we are confident our people, our processes and commitment to you will exceed your expectations.


All testimonials on our website are word by word written by clients, customers and guests who are happy to be our referees and also talk to you personally.

CPM is fighting Domestic & Family Violence

And Proudly Supports

The Rondely Domestic Violence Program

We are passionate when it comes to supporting women and children, who have experienced domestic or family violence, which is why we donate 1% of our annual profits to The Rondely Domestic Violence Program.


The program supports women with or without children who are escaping domestic violence and provides practical and moral support, as well as accommodation in five cottages. This program ensures that women and their children who leave a violent relationship will have immediate support as well as safe accommodation.


Because no one deserves to be abused.