Property Management

As an owner of an investment property the next critical decision is to decide how it will be managed and by whom.


Should I try and manage it myself or put it in the hands of a real estate agency?


It will always be your decision, but there are many advantages of using a skilled and qualified agency, such as Copacabana Property Management Real Estate to manage your property.


Our team of qualified property managers are dedicated to managing your investment by securing you the best possible price, but also quality tenants who will pay their rent and care for your property.


Why Copacabana Property Management


Copacabana Property Management is specialised in short term rentals and run by principal Jess Thorn who has 8 years’ experience in this industry.


Many companies have seen property management as something handled at the back of the office, hidden away, where we have made it the foundation and backbone of our business and our daily focus.


With very tight systems and procedures in place you can rest peacefully knowing that your investment is safe and increasing in value with market prices. The management team at Copacabana Property Management are here to service you and provide sound recommendations to ensure your property is always maintained to a high standard.


Our Team


When you appoint Copacabana Property Management to manage your investment property, you can relax knowing that someone who is licensed, purposed trained, organised, system backed, and completely conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act and the Property Stock and Stations Act will be attending to every detail.


We work as a team and each team member exactly knows what is happening with your property daily. No need to worry if your manager is on holiday or sick as the other staff members can assist instantly.


Starting our Relationship


Upon your invitation, we will meet with you to discuss your property. Once we have viewed the property, we will provide a formal appraisal to you with our suggestions on how to maximise its letting potential.

In order to formalise the management of your property, you will be required to sign our Management Agency Agreement. In this Agreement we outline all fees and charges together with any special instructions from you.


Once we start taking bookings for your short-term rental, our property managers will screen all guests during the booking procedure to ensure that they are a suitable fit for your property.


Furnish & Design


Your guests have most likely chosen your property over an established hotel, so you need to make it a comfortable and a memorable experience – for the time of their stay it’s their ‘home from home’.


We can help you to furnish your home in the same comfort as you would appreciate as an incoming guest while keeping it functional without over-cluttering the place; the fewer items you have, the less chance of damage and the better an overall feeling of space.


Photo Shoot


“A picture is worth a thousand words” – and nowhere is this truer than when selling travel. When your ideal guest is searching for their next dream holiday home, it will be the pictures, not the words on the screen that will draw them in.


You have just 20 seconds for your photos to make an impression before viewers lose interest and move on to the next rental. To ensure your photos do their job properly, we will ensure you will be getting the very best images for your holiday let.

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